The beginning. The middle. The present. 

About The Artist

I grew up in New Hampshire. I always preferred drawing to other mediums but felt I would never be considered "real artist" unless I was a painter. After years of not liking painting I decided to be true to myself and returned to the fine art of drawing. I continue to push myself to refine my technique. I don't have a formal education in art but have supplemented my knowledge by taking various drawing classes through galleries and other artists. I've exhibited throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Canada. I currently live in Vermont.

Artist Statement

Art speaks louder than words.

I hope it makes you feel something reflected through what I see in the world around me while bringing a greater appreciation to the undervalued medium of pencil art.   

Exhibits And Awards  

2019: AVA Gallery Juried Exhibit. HOLY WATER. Lebanon, NH.

2018: Northern Stage Group Exhibit. Multiple Works. White River Junction, VT.

2018: Library Arts Center Juried Exhibit. HERON. Newport, NH.

2017: AVA Gallery Juried Exhibit. ARIES. Lebanon, NH.

2016: Pencil Art Society International Juried Exhibit. Winner: Excellence In Drawing. RUSH. Ottawa, CA.

2015: New London Hospital. Retrospective Exhibit. New London, NH.

2014:  Chandler Opera House and Gallery. Floral Seductions Exhibit. Randolph, VT

2014: Pencil Art Society International Juried Exhibit. Montreal, CA.

2013: Artist Development Grant courtesy of Vermont Arts Council.

2013: AVA Gallery Juried Summer Exhibit. Lebanon, NH.  

2013: New London Hospital. Group Exhibit. New London, NH.